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  • VLC Media Player Free Download
    Open Source


    VLC Media Player is a highly portable multimedia player for various aud… read more

  • KMPlayer Free Download


    A versatile and multi format media playerread more

  • CCleaner Free Download
    Open Source

    Editors and Convertors

    CCleaner is a software utility designed to clean and optimize PCs for malware-free existence and superior performanceread more

  • Rainlendar Free Download


    Rainlendar is a customizable calendar that displays the current month. I… read more

  • CDex Free Download
    Open Source


    CDex can extract the data directly (digital) from an Audio CD, which is … read more

  • Zoom Player Home Free Download


    Zoom Player is a very fast media player. Prior to Zoom Player, playing medi… read more

  • Debut Video Capture Free Download

    Editors and Convertors

    Capture video files directly on a PC from webcam, external devices or re… read more

  • UltraVNC Free Download
    Open Source

    Remote Desktop

    UltraVNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display t… read more

  • Macrium Reflect Free Download
    Non-Commercial Freeware


    A complete disaster recovery solution for your home and office. Protect … read more

  • 7-Zip 64-bit Free Download


    7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. The main… read more

  • 7-Zip 32-bit Free Download


    7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. The main… read more


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Most popular

  1. 1. Firefox Firefox License: Open Source
  2. 2. Google Chrome Google Chrome
  3. 3. Internet Explorer XP Internet Explorer XP
  4. 4. Java Runtime Environment 64-bit Java Runtime Environment 64-bit
  5. 5. WinRAR 64-bit WinRAR 64-bit
  6. 6. VLC Media Player 64-bit VLC Media Player 64-bit
  7. 7. Windows Media Player Windows Media Player
  8. 8. Flash Player (IE) Flash Player (IE)
  9. 9. iTunes 64-bit iTunes 64-bit
  10. 10. 7-Zip 64-bit 7-Zip 64-bit
  11. 11. Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
  12. 12. Flash Player (Non-IE) Flash Player (Non-IE)
  13. 13. Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger
  14. 14. WinRAR 32-bit WinRAR 32-bit
  15. 15. Java Runtime Environment 32-bit Java Runtime Environment 32-bit
  16. 16. Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight
  17. 17. Skype Skype
  18. 18. Opera Opera
  19. 19. Windows Live Mail Windows Live Mail
  20. 20. Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer