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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New Delhi, India, iDownloadSoft is an independent developer of software programs and web solutions. 

Our main focused on innovation and rich user experience, we are team of the best talents to grow great ideas and design and develop efficient and easier to use products for our global userbase. 

We're always looking ahead for more, the next way to make something you never thought could be better or easier to use. 

We love the feedback about our products which lets us build something people really want.
If you want to share your ideas or suggest new features to improve the products - please send us feedback. It's win-win.

Contact details

iDownloadSoft, RZF 836, Raj Nagar Part 2,
New Delhi, India.


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Most popular

  1. 1. Firefox Firefox License: Open Source
  2. 2. Google Chrome Google Chrome
  3. 3. Internet Explorer XP Internet Explorer XP
  4. 4. Java Runtime Environment 64-bit Java Runtime Environment 64-bit
  5. 5. WinRAR 64-bit WinRAR 64-bit
  6. 6. VLC Media Player 64-bit VLC Media Player 64-bit
  7. 7. Windows Media Player Windows Media Player
  8. 8. Flash Player (IE) Flash Player (IE)
  9. 9. iTunes 64-bit iTunes 64-bit
  10. 10. 7-Zip 64-bit 7-Zip 64-bit
  11. 11. Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
  12. 12. Flash Player (Non-IE) Flash Player (Non-IE)
  13. 13. Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger
  14. 14. WinRAR 32-bit WinRAR 32-bit
  15. 15. Java Runtime Environment 32-bit Java Runtime Environment 32-bit
  16. 16. Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight
  17. 17. Skype Skype
  18. 18. Opera Opera
  19. 19. Windows Live Mail Windows Live Mail
  20. 20. Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer