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Alcohol 120%

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Alcohol 120% Free Download
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License: Commercial Trial
Languages: Multiple languages

Alcohol 120% is a software application designed to help users for variety of ripping, emulation and burning of CDs and DVDS

Last updated on: 27/11/2013 by Parveen Singh


Alcohol 120% is a trial-based paid program meant for burning, emulation and ripping purposes. Using this tool, back-up copies of discs can be ripped and burned easily to help users. More so, it enables users the convenience of playing and creating 31 virtual discs of varied types. Recording audio and converting data are also a feature which makes it a valuable tool. Alcohol 120% is easy to use and its support to users, though a manual, further adds value to it. The use interface carries a proverbial look & feel, thus makes it easily understandable. It scans the system before starting to get info about already-installed virtual discs or disc burner. The speed of this program is surely good, though it relies also on the resources of a system.   


Alcohol 120% is one such application that ensures a faultless back-up (in 1:1 ratio) of CDs. It allows burning of multiple CD or DVD (more than one, basically) and that too, from diverse sources. With compatibility going as high as 99% of available drivers, it has to be a really valuable tool. More so, when it comes to image file types, its support extends to a huge number.  


Available on trial-based and paid form, this tool is fit for private and professional purposes to get high-quality burning and emulation tasks.


Running on OS Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, it’s a very helpful tool for experts and amateurs alike for their burning-and-emulation tasks related to CDs and DVDs.



  • Comprehensive features for disc burning & emulation 


Trial version lacks some good features


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