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Windroy  1.2

Free Download of Windows Android

Android for Windows Free Download
Developer: Socketeq
File size: 79.4 MB
License: Freeware
Languages: Multiple
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The Android got into Windows and you can explore all the limits of portable operating system from Google.


Windroy is an application capable of running Android within Windows without the need for a simulator / emulator such as VirtualBox or any virtual machine program

After installation, you get a kind of "virtual tablet" on the desktop, through which you can explore at will the Android.

Here are all the applications present on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) and you can use keyboard and mouse to access all your options. The keyboard works, obviously, typing, while the mouse serves as your finger and will be used for navigation.

All this for free and without consuming too many resources of the machine. So if you are a developer and want to test applications on Android just curious or eager to get their hands on that which is one of the most respected versions of Google's operating system for laptops, the Windroy can help.


How to get Android on your windows PC?


After installing Windroy, just run the file added to the desktop to start using the program. After being loaded, the system shows the lock screen of Android and from there everything works like Google's system installed on a laptop with you using your mouse cursor as you would your finger.

The navigation options are varied and there are many applications installed on Windroy. You can use them normally, but there is no way to install new apps since Google Play is not present here. You can only join this new Android by APK files, which is very useful for developers who want to test their applications.

The user experience in Windroy is basic and you can only use the device native applications. That means they are almost 15 apps at their disposal


Windroy Reviews by idownloadsoft Editors

Windroy is a good option for those who want to have on hand all the possibilities of Android into the PC and without paying anything for it. Despite not rely on Google Play, which complicates slightly the installation of new applications, this program makes it possible to install APKs and offers full compatibility of Android.

The look is simple, and the only regret is the fact that you can not run it in full screen, which would improve further the user experience. The fluidity of the system is guaranteed, with a great response to the commands given by the mouse and the keyboard too, which adds more positives to Windroy.

The stability is also another interesting factor, because the Windroy barely caught during testing and this should be repeated even with some time of use. As much as some applications to fail at some point, the system as a whole remains intact and usable.

The negative part is up to the language, because you can not use Android in Portuguese here. Apart from that and the limitations of apps, the Windroy deserves prominence and will be interesting for many people who would like to have a touch of Android within Windows without many complications.

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