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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser  22.1

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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Free Download
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File size: 30,998KB
License: Freeware
Languages: Multiple languages

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a versatile web browser, based on Chromium technology and resembling to Google Chrome 

Last updated on: 23/12/2013 by Parveen Singh

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a free, fast, stable and versatile web browser, capitalizing on the domain popular Chromium technology. It’s simple yet rich in function, and the interface is very minimal with visible navigation buttons and address bar. Matching Google Chrome in terms of classic features, it also packs in a bookmark organize, a password manager and a download manager.

Developer tools are available in Comodo Dragon Internet Browser, and it also gives support to theme and extension. More so, it gives users the ability to create custom profiles and browser-personalization to suit ones’ specifics. Above all, the presence of advanced security and privacy features gives it the edge needed in the domain. It essence, it lets users effectively fight the growing menace of online threats.

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser stands out for giving user-privacy an added level of weight and in that regard, lets user to leverage on the Incognito Mode for secure web navigation. The Comodo Secure DNS technology allows filtering of malware to keep the system protected. Easy to use, it ensures safe and secure browsing and faster one too, if add-ons are installed. 

Available for free, it’s extensively used in private and professional domains alike for enabling quicker, reliable and safer web navigation.

Supporting the OS like Windows XP/Vista/7/8, it’s fit for amateurs and professionals alike for giving them superior features and operational ease of a safety-driven web browser.


  • Has similarity of looks and features to Chrome
  • Focuses on extra security to users


  • Won’t support Chrome extensions


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