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.NET Framework Version 1.1  1.1

Free Download of .NET Framework Version 1.1

.NET Framework Version 1.1 Free Download
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File size: 23,697KB
License: Freeware
Languages: en-US

This redistributable package helps in running of applications developed with the .NET Framework

Last updated on: 24/01/2014 by Parveen Singh

.NET Framework Version 1.1 1.1 is a free redistributable package, which packs in everything needed to run application designed with .NET Framework. In addition, it delivers superior scalability and improved performance to help in the development of applications. More so, it also supports the development of mobile device through ASP.NET mobile controls. Furthermore, Internet Protocol version 6 is also supported by this version of framework.

.NET Framework Version 1.1 1.1 is surely an improved framework than its earlier versions, and its features are testimony to that. As expected, several API changes are part of this, besides support for IPv6. At the same time, it packs in support for mobile ASP.NET controls, and it’s available on a built-in basis. All these changes and improvements are in regard to the previous version 1.0.

.NET Framework Version 1.1 1.1 ensures that few apps that were earlier available as add-ons would now be an integral part of the framework. It also brings in security changes, and makes available Code Access Security in ASP.NET applications. More so, it provides built-in support databases as well as to ODBC and. In all, it’s an enhanced version of whatever framework made available so far by the makers!

Available for free, it would help those developers who want to run applications developed with the .NET Framework


Supporting the OS like Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Windows8, this framework is for professionals.


  • • Offers better scalability and improved performance than the earlier versions
  • • Assimilates few add-ons into the mainstream framework
  • • Databases and ODBC get built-in support


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