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Firefox  16.0.1

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Mozilla Firefox is a domain-leading, one-of-most-used, fast and full-featured web browser with loads of advanced features for users

Last updated on: 23/12/2013 by Parveen Singh

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source and fast web browser, which is constantly ranked among the Top-3 in the domains, for the last one decade. It packs in features galore and allows simplicity of use, and based on those parameters, it went past the popularity of Internet Browser (IE). Tab-browsing and pop-up blocking are two of its foremost features.

Mozilla Firefox enables integrated Google search for users to benefit them greatly. At the same time, it enables simplified privacy controls, which further adds to the operational benefits. More so, it lets users to view more of a page than available with any other browser, thanks to its streamlined browser window. And in terms of additional features, it’s far ahead than the rest in the domain.

One of USPs of Mozilla Firefox is its easy syncing across several devices, at once. More so, its ability of importing bookmarks off any other browser, coupled with pin tabs, makes it further beneficial to users. It enables tab grouping and at the same time, has an in-built PDF viewer. It’s fast, it’s secure and above all, it’s highly customizable.    

Available for free, it’s widely used across the globe in private and professional domains alike for safe, quick and advanced navigation of web.

Supporting the OS like Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8, it suits beginners and novices alike for giving them richness of features and operation ease of a domain-leading web browser.


  • Secure and quick to load
  • Fast, stable with plenty of extensions
  • Enables updates for Windows users  


  • Flash video needs high CPU usages


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