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Flash Player (IE)  11.4.402.287

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Flash Player (IE) Free Download
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Flash Player (IE) from Adobe is a powerful client runtime designed to offer consistent user experiences of web content viewing across platforms   

Last updated on: 23/12/2013 by Parveen Singh

Flash Player (IE) is a free, lightweight and performance-driven client runtime with the ability of cross-platform compatibility with operating systems. It means, it enables consistent and commanding user experiences on different platforms together with OSs, like browsers, mobiles and other devices. It enables building and delivering of amazing digital experiences to end users.

Flash Player (IE) ensures the users get a feel of total immersion with their Flash videos, contents and apps, that too, in full-screen mode. This cross-platform browser plug-in ensures top-notch web experiences to more than 99% of web users. High quality video with low bandwidth is delivered via the compression technology (advanced). Advanced text rendering engine is leverage to fetch high-fidelity texts to users.

Flash Player (IE) enables H.264/AVC software encoding for cameras, thus first-rate facilities are available for video chat and video conferencing. More so, for Android devices, it lends support to their Flash Access content protection. Basic support apart, some of popular image format support extends t GIF, PNG and JPEG (progressive). In essence, it’s an important application to view web content.

Available for free, it’s used extensively in private and public domain to let users smoothly view web content in real-time environment.

Supporting the OS like Windows XP / Vista / 07 / 08, it’s meant for one and all to enable smooth viewing of web content


  • Supports HD videos
  • Enable video chat, video conferencing and video communications
  • Gives high-performance
  • Cross-platform compatible


  • Faces stability issues, at time, though not always


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