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Flash Player (IE) 64-bit  11.3.300.257

Free Download of Flash Player (IE) 64-bit

Flash Player (IE) 64-bit Free Download
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License: Freeware
Languages: en-US

Flash Player (IE) 64-bit 11.3.300.257 is the most preferred choice of millions for an adaptable multiplatform client runtime

Last updated on: 23/01/2014 by Parveen Singh

Flash Player (IE) 64-bit 11.3.300.257 is a free, powerful and globally-renowned application, designed to work as an adaptable multiplatform client runtime. This enormously powerful and impressively adaptable application packs in variety of new features to continue to be the ever-present Web standard. Internet Explorer aside, this software is an integral aspect of almost all major web browsers in the world, which speaks VOLUME!

Flash Player (IE) 64-bit 11.3.300.257 is designed to support array of data formats like JSON, XML, AMF and SWF. In addition, it supports myriad multimedia formats, together with RTMP, MP3, PNG, FLV, PNG and GIF. From multi-thread video decoding to elevated graphics rendering to webcam support for StageVideo – it has a long list of remarkable features. In addition, greater privacy controls is also allowed!

Flash Player (IE) 64-bit 11.3.300.257 enables multi-threaded video decoding and fetches high-quality video due to its superior compression technology. It leverages on an advanced text rendering engine and enables rendering of 3D accelerated graphics. More so, a full-screen mode video, apps and contents are USP of this software. In all, it’s one of few “most used software” in the world, irrespective of platforms and browsers.

Free to use, this application is a must-have for its enormous significance and compatibility with multimedia files


Supporting the OS like Windows Windows7 64 / Windows8 64, it suits amateurs and professionals in equal measure for its infinite multimedia-related features.


  • • An essential part of all major web browsers in the world
  • • Fetches engaging videos and contents in full-screen mode
  • • Supports variety of data and video formats


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