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Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit  15.2.0

Free Download of Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit

Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit Free Download
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File size: 25,674KB
License: Freeware
Languages: en-US

This software (driver) is used to tackle wireless networks on the Windows platforms

Last updated on: 23/01/2014 by Parveen Singh

Wireless networks must be protected to the core so that the desired level of security remains available for the systems in the loop. Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit 15.2.0 is a set of drivers for the purpose of handling the wireless networks to keep proper safety and security in place. This software operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.

All the latest wireless industry standards are supported by Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit 15.2.0. This software is available for free so that every network using the Windows platform can be secured in the precise way. In addition, it’s compatible with only Windows 7 64-bit version of operating system. The file size of this driver stands at 25.07 MB, thus system resources are not consumed more.

Variety of chipsets is supported by Intel PRO/Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers Win7 64-bit 15.2.0, together with Intel WiFi Link 5100, Intel WiFi Link 5300, Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN and Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection. This software or driver superbly complements the on-the-go lifestyle of the modern generation where network security remains at a greater risk.

Available for free, this software is used extensively in private and professional domains alike for tackling wireless networking issues


Supporting the OS like Windows7 64 / Windows8 64, this set of driver is important for all wireless networks.


  • Designed for wireless networks
  • Free to use with loads of features
  • keeps networks secured and protected
  • Supports quite a lot of chipsets


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