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IntelliPoint  8.2

Free Download of IntelliPoint

IntelliPoint Free Download
Developer: Microsoft
File size: 19.0 MB
License: Freeware
Languages: en-US
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Microsoft’s IntelliPoint is a driver which helps in customization of features of a Microsoft mouse 

Last updated on: 15/11/2013 by Parveen Singh

IntelliPoint is a free software or driver from Microsoft that helps users in customization of distinctive features of a mouse. By using this program, a Microsoft mouse can be customized to fit into the needs of users. It ensures that few specific commands become convenient to perform though a mouse. Whether to Undo or Copy, it enables smooth flow of commands to bring ease of use.

Mouse buttons and wheel buttons can be reassigned using the IntelliPoint mouse software. Once the reassigning is done, commands like “run a macro” turn out fairly easy to perform. It also helps in modification of mouse settings, like scrolling speed and pointer speed. More so, the software can be configured for automatic updates, which keeps it open for further enhancement. 

IntelliPoint ensures that users can run any executable file or program after defining mouse buttons. More so, this program is software-specific and version-driven, thus supports when synchronization of products is there. It gives users the freedom of defining buttons for specific functions in selected programs. With each update, features get added in this software to allow further ease of mouse performance to users. 

Available for free, it allows ease of mouse operation and functions, and hence, is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

Running on Windows Vista 64-bit/7 64-bit, this program is meant for private and professionals purposes to let mouse function expertly.


  • Mouse-button reassigning
  • Ease of performing commands and shortcuts
  • Support to application-bound functions
  • Mouse setting Modification
  • Ease of updated horizontal scrolling


  • Features supporting only certain mice models
  • Version specific

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