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mIRC  7.25

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mIRC is a full-featured IRC client ( Internet Relay Chat) designed to let users access IRC networks from anywhere in the world

Last updated on: 18/12/2013 by Parveen Singh

mIRC is a free-to-try and paid-to-use IRC client for Windows helping users in variety of tasks related to accessing of IRC networks. With the help of it, users can mutually be engaged in tasks as varied as communicating, working, sharing or playing on IRC networks from anywhere across the globe. It lets users the freedom of engaging in either one-to-one communications or group conferences in a multi-user format. 

mIRC is empowered with a clean and workable interface which is not only extremely configurable but also supports features galore. From file transferring to SSL encryption, from proxy support to tray notifications, from message logging to UTF-8 display – the interface gives support to them, and to many more features. Due to its in-built scripting language, it can be automated or applications can be created to do many useful functions. 

mIRC packs in almost all the standard features of IRC, together with buddy lists and real-time connections to multiple servers. Its list of features includes customizable interface colors, tray notifications and favorite channels, and lots more. Above all, it allows advanced users to capitalize on the mIRC scripting features to feel the real essence of it, which further add to its value.

Available on trial-based paid mode, it’s widely used in professional domains where a full-featured IRC client is needed to access IRC networks from anywhere in the world.

Supporting the OS like Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8, it suits advanced users more for letting them capitalize on the features of a powerful IRC client.


  • It’s highly configurable
  • Has a powerful scripting language


  • None as such to mention about


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