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uTorrent  3.4.2 Build 37252

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uTorrent Free Download
Developer: BitTorrent
File size: 1.6 MB
License: Freeware
Languages: en-US
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Most famous download manager in the world torrents, uTorrent is even quicker and easier to use in its new version.

Download files at uTorrent is a very easy task. Unlike other applications that offer torrent, with this software you can search links through the interface itself. Thus, it is even easier to find the files you want to download on your computer.


Unfortunately there are some drawbacks that need to be highlighted. Even in the stable version, there are several mistakes that end up happening in the application framework. Remote access (at least during our tests) fell far short of expectations, as it was not possible to access the functions through the website or Android. In all attempts, errors occurred server.


The streaming system also failed in the analysis. Even with downloads surpassing 80% progress, the selected video can not be played back, causing disruption in the file. Finally, the process of sending files worked satisfactorily, even with some crashes.


Of course the software also has good points, and they are the majority. Guaranteed speed in downloads, applications built with uncompromising quality and installation file less than 1 MB are just some of the great features offered by uTorrent. 


uTorrent is one of the first names that come to mind who downloads files from the web. The program that broke new ground by offering a compact and excellent visual tools that take advantage of true broadband reaches its third version and has a lot of buzz.


Keeping resources that have worked, as the RSS reader, and adhering very interesting news, like the ability to install applications in the program (in the style browser extension), uTorrent gives result in your walk and happen to be not the fact his name is synonymous with fast downloads.


Even faster

What was already good just got better. From this version, the uTorrent improved the speed with many torrents that adds files to the download list. This will make the process even faster to start a new transfer, because some failures related to excessive memory consumption were corrected.


Link Magnetic preloaded

Recently, The Pirate Bay, the largest torrent tracker in the world, announced it would replace the traditional torrents for. UTorrent (and most other applications of its kind) are also ready for such a novelty, but this time, this program brings another smart feature to work with this type of protocol.


Previously, when you added a link magnetic only had access to their content when the transfer was in fact initiated. Now, uTorrent pre-loads the file, allowing you to know where your content before you even add it to your list of downloads.


Transfer to device

Another novelty of the system is uTorrent native transfer multimedia files directly to other devices. Among the options are supported smartphones and tablets with Android, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, AppleTV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even other BitTorrent Certified devices.


Streaming content

A rather interesting novelty here is the option of streaming content. While you download, depending on how much has been transferred to the machine it is possible to view it. This kind of feature already exists in P2P applications, but now comes the world of torrents. This option is extremely useful for those who want to make sure you are downloading the correct content.


Remote control

If you are going to college or to work and want to leave your computer turned on to continue a download, you can learn exactly how are the processes of transfer of downloaded files. This is thanks to the remote control service which was added to the new version of uTorrent.



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