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WinRAR 32-bit  5.11

Free Download of WinRAR 32-bit

WinRAR 32-bit Free Download
Developer: winrar
File size: 1,702 KB
License: Shareware
Languages: en-US
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WinRAR 32-bit 5.11 is a top-rated archiving utility with support to unpack variety of file formats

Last updated on: 20/01/2014 by Parveen Singh

WinRAR 32-bit 5.11 is a trial-based archiving utility, which is capable of supporting RAR and ZIP archives, both at the same time. More so, it unpacks quite a lot of file formats, together with ISO, ARJ, ACE, JAR, UUE, TAR, LZH, and lots more. This program stands out for its ability to create smaller achieves than the rest of the apps, which helps in disk space saving.


WinRAR 32-bit 5.11 also helps users by helping them in minimizing the cost of transmissions, as it regularly creates smaller archives. Mouse and menus are leveraged by its interactive interface. At the same time, the availability of a built-in wizard mode enables quick access to the standard archiving functions. Operational ease and its ability to unpack almost all popular file formats makes it a potent tool by all account.


The interface of WinRAR 32-bit 5.11 allows tasks like extraction, deletion, testing and repairing of the archives. Whether users want to create or unpack archives, it’s extremely quick by this useful application. However, this speed comes at the cost of consumption of RAM in the same ratio. In all, it’s a total archiving solution to live up to all the needs.


Free to try, thus archiving application fits into the needs of private as well as professional domains for its loads of useful features


Supporting the OS like Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8, its operation ease makes it suitable for amateurs and professionals alike for their archiving needs.



  • • Total support to ZIP and RAR compressions
  • • Saves disk space via creation of smaller archives


  • • None


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