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WinRAR 64-bit  4.20

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WinRAR 64-bit Free Download
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License: Shareware
Languages: en-US

WinRAR 64-bit 4.20 is a top-rated archiving utility, designed to unpack almost all achieve formats

Last updated on: 20/01/2014 by Parveen Singh

WinRAR 64-bit 4.20 is a free-to-try and easy to use archiving application, which is able to unpack almost all available achieve formats. Lightweight and flexible in nature, it allows compression to RAR and ZIP both. It leads the compression category for its features and functionalities. Its interface is simplicity personified, enabling operational and navigational ease to users.


The interface of WinRAR 64-bit 4.20 enables the tasks like extraction, deletion, testing and repairing of archives. This program enables a super quick creation and unpacking of archives to benefit users greatly. The presence of multi-core processors in latest versions would enable even quicker rates of compressions. However, RAM consumption and its archiving speed are proportional, which benefits system’s overall performance.


While using WinRAR 64-bit 4.20, users should note that the ratios of compression ratios would be accordance to the file type. At the same time, this program is better in overall performance, when compared with other apps of the domain. It stands out for the speed, simplicity of interface, file-format flexibility and advanced features. In all, it’s a complete archiving solution for your needs.


Free to try, this powerful archiving utility benefits users for its ability to unpack almost all achieve formats


Supporting the OS like Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7, it suits amateurs and professionals alike for their archiving needs.



  • • Simple interface
  • • Speed of files unpacking
  • • Utmost flexibility with file formats
  • • Simplicity of interface
  • • A complete archiving solution
  • • RAR and ZIP, both compressions are allowed
  • • Packs in array of powerful advanced features


  • • None as such to mention


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